How to make jelly with apple juice (simple!)

How to make jelly with apple juice (simple!)

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Here are the ingredients! I chose to use the "No/Lower sugar" pectin because the regular pectin requires a lot more sugar. USE SWEETENER AT YOUR OWN RISK because sugar helps the jelly to solidify.

Every box of Pectin comes with a sheet like this. I modified my recipe off of what's in here, but a lot of this stuff is too complicated. You can take a look if you think it won't confuse you.

On the back of the sheet there are some ratios of juice-to-sugar that I used for my recipe. Keep in mind these use the whole box of pectin (1.75 Tbs) and make a LOT of jelly. I'm just making 1 cup.

If you pour boiling hot jelly into cold jars, they may crack or shatter. So heat them up first!

Lets get started! Pour in the Apple Juice!

And the Pectin! Pectin is the stuff used to make jellies and jams, and you can usually find it in the baking aisle.

Turn on the heat, and get it to a full rolling boil that does not go down when you stir. The pectin is a little clumpy right now, but don't worry about that.

Yup, it's boiling! Time to add the sugar. If you decided to use a different juice flavor, you may need more or less sugar. The jelly MAY not solidify if you use sweetener, but I haven't tried it.

The boiling went right down! Wait for it to return to a full rolling boil, and then time it for exactly one minute.

Wow, it's really boiling now! Make sure you're timing it!

Pour the jelly into your warm jars. My jars are one-cup jars so it works out perfectly! If you're making more jelly, you may need to use a funnel or something, I guess.

Screw on the top. You will probably need to wear an oven mitt while you do this because the jelly was boiling a minute ago!

Turn the jar over to seal it. Since we are only making one jar, and putting it straight into the fridge rather than having it sit in the pantry for a few months, we don't need to bother with a canner!

Wait a few hours, or maybe overnight, for the jelly to set. Check it out!

If your jelly doesn't set, there are some instructions on the back of the sheet that comes in the pectin box. Maybe you should just try again with different proportions of sugar and pectin, though.

Ta da! Sweet and delicious! Good Luck!