How to make a mickey mouse pull-string piñata

How to make a mickey mouse pull-string piñata

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Blow up a balloon, tie it off and set it on a bowl.

Put some flour in a shaker, add just enough water to wet all the flour and shake into a paste.

Pour into a pot of more water and bring to a boil.

Cook and stir with a whisk to remove lumps. Too runny? Add more flour or cook off more water. Too thick? Add more water. Exact measurements are not necessary.

Pour the paste into a container and wash out your pot. Let the paste cool.

Tear newspaper into strips. Wet strips one at a time with paste and place on balloon.

Overlap strips as you go and smooth out bubbles and wrinkles. Leave a space around the knot, and be sure to use a few layers for strength.

Make sure to do several layers. It helps to hold it up to light and look for the balloon color to show through, to identify thin spots.

Cut two cardboard ovals for ears, making sure to cut a curve to fit against the balloon.

Cover the ears with paper mâché too. Allow to fully dry and harden. I set mine by the heat vent to speed things up!

Use a little white glue and masking tape to attach ears to head.

Bend a piece of wire to form a hanging loop. String could work too.

Tape it to the top of your piñata. I bent wire back over the tape too.

Snip a hole in your balloon and let it deflate and pull away from the insides.

Remove balloon.

Paper mâché over the balloon hole.

Paper mâché over the wire loop (a few layers for strength) and the connection between ears and head.

Once the paper dries again, spray it all one color. I used gray paint.

Cut a door with a craft knife on the bottom.

Candy door...

Cut the pull strings. I use curling ribbon and cut at least one piece per kid attending the party.

Attach the one ribbon that will actually open the door. Cut a slit in the door and thread it through.

Tie a paper clip on the end.

Tape the paper clip down.

Fill with candy!

I like to add stickers too.

Close the door.

Put a couple strips of paper mâché across the door opening. Not too much as you want it to tear open eventually.

Attach the other ribbons loosely with one layer of paper mâché without sealing the door up more.

Ribbons attached. Basically you want the winning ribbon to be on there tight, and the others easy to slip out.

Let it dry. I put mine by the heat vent.

Use a sharpie or other permanent marker to draw out the facial features.

Paint in the eyes with white acrylic.

Paint the face with Mickey's flesh color.

Paint the tongue red.

Use black for the nose, ears, pupils, etc...

Use a small brush for outline details.

Paint around the ribbons.

Done! Hang it from the ceiling or have an adult hold it above the kids as they take turns pulling the ribbons.

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