How to do fabulous silver sparkly party eyes

How to do fabulous silver sparkly party eyes

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Prime the eye I have used Illamasqua skin base foundation and covered with powder to set so there is no cracking. I always start with eyes first clean up face and then do my base

Mac pigment in vanilla this colour I use all the time but its amazing for highlighting the brow bone under the brow and into the tear duct

Here I am using the vanilla mac on brow bone and tear duct just placing we can blend later

The colours I'm using are mac Electra and mac ring. One is ver silver the other charcoal colour

Taking a black I've used Illamasqua black shadow with my mac contour brush on the edge and below the lower lashes. I have created a point on the side and worked into the socket crease.

Using a mac blender brush I've added into the edge eyeshadow ring by mac and in centre I've added Electra I've blended so all colours blend in seemlessly harse lines are very amateur

This is a new palette I bought in NYC at sephora it's their own brand moon shadow palette the silver is amazing and subtle shimmer

So over the Electra I've blended some of the shimmery sephora and into the brow bone to blend with the mac vanilla I placed earlier one done I'm here lining my waterline with a black kohl liner

For a strong look you need strong brows so I'm using my HD brows pencil in black but I'm creating feathery strokes rather than drawing it because I only want to fill in gaps not to create clown brows

So I've just added some strip lashes here to create some drama and to open the eye out further. These lashes were really cheap so great to experiment with

Mac fluid line I'm using next

So with a thin liner brush follow the lash line carefully you don't want to slip. I'm not winging this out as I'm only tracking the lashes I've put on

So nearly done I've used a wipe with some cleanser to remove all makeup that's fallen on my face. This is why eye makeup is always first so you can make as much mess as you like with pigments

So it's the finished eye really easy to do looks fab. If you wanted to be more daring you could add a spot of glitter but for purpose of this I'm keeping it simple

Here is the eye closed so you can see how the colours gradually blend into one another



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