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How to get the perfect red lips How-to

How to get the perfect red lips

First I& 39;m going to make a lip scrub out of brown sugar and olive oil:)Put a pinch of sugar and a tiny bit of the oil in a spoon and mix it up :) it looks gross I know but oh well..Rub it on your lips. The more you rub the softer your lips will be! Sorry about the crap photo:)Wash it off with warm water, pat your lips dry and then apply a lip balm :) I& 39;m using Burt& 39;s Bees.

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Why Your Humble Aluminum Can is Actually An Engineering Feat Design

Why Your Humble Aluminum Can is Actually An Engineering Feat

If you& 39;re like most people, you& 39;ve gone through countless aluminum cans of soda or beer in your life, but have never thought twice about how the aluminum can itself might be special. And even if you& 39;re not like most people, you probably still haven& 39;t given much thought to the humble aluminum can.

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How to cook mint and bread stuffing How-to

How to cook mint and bread stuffing

Grate bread. This stuffing is best made from fresh white bread. Store bought breadcrumbs will not do.Chop onions, not too finelyOn medium heat melt butter and oil in potAdd in onions and braise until lightly goldenAdd in chopped mint to grated breadcrumbs and potatoes. Potatoes must be boiled in stock water (chicken spice, mixed herbs, salt in water to form stock)Mix mint, bread, potatoes thoroughlyAdd bread (with mint and potato mixture) to browned onions, add in salt to taste and allow to cook throughStuffing will cook in 30 minutes on medium heat.

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How to recover lost imessages How-to

How to recover lost imessages

This was sooo needed! I lost an important contact in my imessages which i didnt store an lost it while i upgraded my iphone! Here is how you get your imessage history backSearch for wondershare dr.fone(for mac and windows) Install the setup file for your laptop/pc. Open it Search for any of your backups you had stored previously.

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How to make red lentil soup How-to

How to make red lentil soup

Chop a large onionAdd 2 tablespoons of olive oil to a large saucepanAdd the chopped onion and sauté over medium-high heatWhile the onion is cooking, chop the garlic finelyWhen you see the onions start to turn a golden brown color, after about 7 minutes of sautéing, add the chopped garlic and continue sautéing while turning for another 3 minutesYou want to see brown bits of onions and the garlic softened, then remove from heatSet the onion garlic mix aside into a bowl to use later.

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How to make a vanilla latte How-to

How to make a vanilla latte

Add espresso to basketLoad into espresso machine.Add water put cap back on!Put coffee pot under espresso basket.Add two tablespoons of vanilla syrup to mug!Place milk under steamerTurn steamer on and steam milk for about a minuteSteam milkTurn to brew for espressoBrew espresso remove and pour into mug, top with steamed milkWah la!

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