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Underwater Welding: One of the Most Dangerous Occupations in the World Inventions and Machines

Underwater Welding: One of the Most Dangerous Occupations in the World

How to weld underwaterBinding two pieces of metal underwater involves a lot of consideration towards safety. There are a few ways welders approach the task. In most cases, and most ideally, a dry chamber system is used. Temporary hyperbaric chambers are used to prevent water from entering the work area.

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How to make a paper box How-to

How to make a paper box

Fold the sheet of paper into three equal panels, pressing the creases with the thumbnail so they come out sharp.Fold each outer panel into two lengthwise, again pressing each crease with the thumbnail.Fold the four corners of each outer panel inward and in line with the center crease.The folded paper should now look like this, flat with a slit at the center.

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Happy Birthday, Marie Curie! Inspiration

Happy Birthday, Marie Curie!

By Shelby RogersNovember 07, 2016Marie Curie might be the single most important female scientist in history. Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Were she alive today, Curie would be celebrating her 149th birthday.In her 67 years, the scientific superhero became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize. She& 39;s also the only woman to win the award in two distinct categories - both physics and chemistry.

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How to carve a santa ornament How-to

How to carve a santa ornament

This guide is best viewed in landscape mode.I have made numerous Santas over the years, giving them away at Christmas time. I get joy out of knowing that folks will be hanging these on their trees for years in the future, thinking about me.You need a well lighted and organized work space. A scroll saw, drill press and Dremel tool make the job easy!

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